Hello all and Welcome back to the newly revamped JuNN Horde website. First I would just like to say I hope everyone and their families are doing fine in these times we have been dealt. I hope everyone of our JuNN brothers, sisters, and the rest of the rune community is safe and healthy. While 2020 has been full of surprises and let downs (Rune 2) our favorite game that brought us all together still lives on!


JuNN has been very active though the last few months and has made a furious comeback! We have been to war and have also seen two new members earn their tags! With that being said it is my honor to announce that Charognard and Slimm both passed their tryouts and earned their tags! 

In other news Toxic and Xyster have proved that they are dedicated slayers have the ability to lead the Horde with Honor. They were awarded the status of Co Leaders of the Clan along with FoX. We hope to lead this clan in the right direction and lead as Meanbone would see fit. 

We encourage everyone to join us on Discord and keep in touch with JuNN family. Also if you would like to find us in game JuNN currently has two servers up and running JuNN Horde [Atonement] and JuNN Horde [Revelations] 

Hail JuNN!!!!