The Horde is getting another in-clan event!

Starting on January 11th we will have a 2v2 TDM tournament to follow up our Arena tournament. This and all future tournaments within the JuNN clan will be hosted on our new challonge community, this allows us to keep all our tournaments and results consolidated to a community we can all access at any time. If you don't have a challonge account, I strongly recommend you make one and join up!


Deadline to sign up for the TDM tourny will end the same day as the tournament start so if you are interested in participating please message any Warlord by January 11th. More details about the rules and structure of the tournament will be announced here as we see how many sign up.


You must be a JuNN to participate, but we welcome anyone to spectate or stream. 


Best of luck Slayers!  If you want to make signing up for this tournament easier you can simply react to this post with a thumbs up and I will look and see who has done so.


Prizes are being discussed for winners!