Hello Slayers, Toxic here bringing you our first tournament held entirely within our clan. With this we hope to work toward helping eachother improve and foster more activity within the horde. We will also be creating the title and tags for our "JuNN Arena Master" for the winner to take on and carry the title of our strongest Arena Slayer.


So I present to you slayers the JuNN Horde 1v1 AR Tournament. We will be following a single elimination bracket, once all of the participants are locked in I will live-stream the seeding. This will ensure that the bracket is entirely random, so that everyone has the same odds of a good bracket path to the finals. (Best hope you don't get Terminus round 1!)


Afterward we will proceed as quickly as we can to get tournament done quickly so it doesn't drag on too long. Preferably within a 2 week time-frame between start and end! This means that if you are participating we strongly encourage you to maintain contact with anyone among JuNN leadership to make sure we can schedule the matches in a timely fashion. These matches will also be streamed by myself and possibly other guest commentators, much like the tournament several months back.

Each round will be a simple first to 15 on Sweetleaf or Champions maps, though if both players request a different map and agree upon it we will allow other maps. In the end when we reach the Final round, we will perhaps do either a first to 15 as normal or perhaps a longer form first to 20 or 25. We will also hold a third place match to clear up exactly where everyone fits on the score board. The winner will recieve the title and recognition as well as a badge on the site acknowledging their achievment. Depending on how this tournament goes we may consider doing more inhouse events in the future such as DM/TDM events as well as 2v2 AR events.

Deadline to participate will be Wedesnday, October 28th. Message FoX Xyster Attila or Myself if you are interested. Hail JuNN!